Click on the Registration tab to register for the 2020 Extravaganza! If you have any questions please contact the Director of Event Activities.


Marley the dog can be reached at: Hunt4trout or by calling 860-304-2205, Marley does have a busy schedule, she can also be reached at the boat with her ducky.





 Video Links

This link shows the proper technique for recovering from a night of excessive indulgence of Adult beverages:

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2022 Trip Details


The 30th Annual Fly Fishing Extravaganza is on!! Register now! 


Be sure to register for the event by clicking on the registration page and indicating the days you plan on attending. As in previous years, space is limited and reservations are on a first come first serve basis, priority is given to those members who have seniority, senility or a bribe of  single malt scotch, a fine Irish whiskey or Bourbon 


As with previous years, if you plan on attending:

1) Registered

2) On the Mailing list

3) Been approved by the membership committee

4) Make Payment to the Poobah

The payment schedule is  on the Registration Page!!


Payment should be made AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, availability is going to be limited!


Undesirables will be provided Ass Hat at no additional cost!


The cost of the trip reflects slight increase which we are seeing everywhere and is adjusted for the incremental cost of hellgrammites

For 2022 the cost the trip is $650.00 for the whole trip or $110.00 per night (There is a slight sur-charge if you are staying less than 3 days) 

Pot Luck on Friday - Bring something to eat and something to share.

 Roadkill is an acceptable meal, roadkill should have most of the gravel removed and be somewhat recognizable if it is not recognizable it should be rendered in to a stew or soup...or chili

As with every year, this includes meals, lodging and verbal abuse.

Not included in the trip cost:

 Scotch, Cigars, Beer - the unspoken rule is to bring some finery (scotch, bourbon, cigars, beer (home brew is good) to share, be generous it is once  year and we have major catching up to do!


Two members of the Executive Committee

Chief Legal Counsel and the Brain