You can now pay for the Extravaganza Using PayPal!

Paypal is a safe, secure site for purchasing goods and services over the internet. Paypal accepts typically used credit cards such as Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and others.

To Use Paypal you will have to Open a PayPal account, which takes less than 5 minutes.

I am also set up on Venmo at: @Matthew.Sweeney-50 and on Zelle at 8603042205




Send me feedback on using PayPal, if this works for you let me know, if it does not let me know that as well!

if you plan on paying using Venmo - please give me a heads up, be sure to register as well.

Select Your Extravaganza Package!

  1. 6_Day Balls of Titanium Package ($650.00)- This package provides the best value and the opportunity for the most shenanigans. Other benefits include the Wednesday Night Steak dinner, the increased potential for Ass Hat viewing, potential full body massage and hot tub acess. This is the package to select if you have Titanium testicules and are in for the duration includes the Advance Party
  2. 5_Day GoldMember Package ($540.00) - This package offers all of the benefits of the Titanium package except for the steak dinner, there is a more limited opportunity for Ass Hat viewing and is suitable for those who can not escape due to the gold ring on thier left hand ring finger, which by the way, is of your own doing
  3. 4_Day Silverback Gorilla  Package ($435.00) When your back hair is Sliver and you can no longer hang with the big boys, perhaps you should select this package. I mean really it is once a year, grow a set and upgrade to the gold package.
  4. 3_Day Bronze Package ($325.00) - Do I really need to say it, you will have an opportunity to be the recipient of Ass Hat, you dont get the wednesday night steak and will miss on shenanigans that occur during the rest of the extravaganza and will have to wait 11 months for me to update the website to get all of the details of what happened once you left
  5. 2_Day Aluminum Foil Package ($225.00) -Particpants selecting this package will be rolled in Aluminum foil, thrown in the fire and cooked like a baked potato. Select this package at your own risk.
  6. 1_Day Saran Wrap Package ($125.00) Particpants will receive a participation trophy only, most likely you will be physically, mentally and verbally abused. There is a 99% chance your head will be wrapped in saran wrap and that  you will have some major AssHat

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