All recipes are guaranteed to have the curative properties defined, if you do not experience the curative properties as detailed it is probably your own fault. Rather than complain to management perhaps you should spend a little more time in self examination. Just in, the Hellgramite elixer in clinical trials combined with the various with so called vaccines developed by fly by night pharmicutical companies has shown to be effective against the Covid (most definitely  its the elixer)

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Warning: The Surgeon General, who is an Slo-mo Joe lackey and an idiot, has determined consumption of Hellgrammite juice can cause rickets, scurvy, hangovers, ingrown toe nails, bad casting, clubfoot and baldness.




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The Origins of

 Dr. Beaverkill’s Magic Elixir of the Hellgrammite

The Elixir is a special brew of Native Delaware River Hellgrammites gathered at the peak of ripeness. These hellgrammites are world renowned (in Old Saybrook)  for their healing and curative powers.  Read on for testimonials from our users!

I used to be very self conscious of my hair loss, after using Dr. Beaverkill’s elixir I forgot that I had a head, it took me three weeks to remember my name, I have just started to speak again, I highly recommend Dr. Beaverkill’s magic juice—Chuck Bernier

I was born with an outy belly button, having an outy is a serious disability and has significantly reduced my ability to collect bellybutton lint. After one topical application of the Elixir, I have an innie you could drive a bus through! - Paul “Corkage” Sweeney

My Back Cast was an abomination to man, god and everything holy, I purchased the Elixir and after consuming the appropriate measure  my back cast was no worse than before and I can now curse in 5 languages! - Joe “the Donut” Karbowski

My warts had become debilitating, after one topical application of Dr. Beaverkill’s Elixir my warts have disappeared with most of my skin, I can rest comfortably knowing that the warts will never return!  - Joe “please do not use my name” Fasulo

As you can see, Dr. Beaverkill’s Magic Elixir of the Beaverkill will cure what ails you. Squeezed from the finest  hellgrammites by Monrovian women with thick calves, the Hellgrammite juice is distilled and triple filtered for purity. Use this recipe book as a guide to better living through the elixir!!